Blyderiver Farm

Blyderiver Farm
Region: Limpopo
Nearest Town: Hoedspruit
Area Manager: Fanie Meyer
Farm Manager: Johan Kellerman
Packhouse Manager: Don Coetzee
Contact: (015) 795 5104

Blyderiver Farm is located in the Bushveld near the town of Hoedspruit in the Limpopo Province of South Africa.

The farm was purchased by the Unifrutti Group during 2005 to further diversify their operations in South Africa. The farm is 1046 ha in size. The tropical climate of the area is ideal for the production of citrus and mangoes. There is a total of around 587 planted hectares with roughly 486 ha planted with citrus and 101 ha planted with mangoes.

Future planning for Blyderiver is to prepare an extra 16 ha in 2018 and start planting in 2019. Another priority is to ensure that the replacement program will be maintained to ensure the plantings are kept in line with the latest market requirements especially on Lemons.

The following volumes of fruit are currently exported from the Farm:

- Valencia 600 000
- Lemons 180 000
- Grapefruit 320 000
- Marsch 25 000

Dunbrody Estates Farm

Dunbrody Estates Farm
Region: Eastern Cape
Nearest Town: Kirkwood
Area Manager: Deon Joubert
Farm Manager: Steve Lloyd
Contact: (042) 230 1991

Dunbrody Estates Farm is located in the heart of the Sundays River Valley between the towns of Kirkwood and Addo in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. Dunbrody started off in 1875 as a Roman Catholic missionary. The Unifrutti Group purchased a 50% share in Dunbrody Estates in October 1999. This was the first investment of the group in South Africa. The balance of the shares was taken up in March 2002.

The Sundays River Valley produce in the order of 20mil – 22mil cartons of export citrus annually which is about 20% of South Africa’s total citrus production. Dunbrody Estates consists of 1230 ha of land, of which 560 ha is planted to citrus. There is a further 30 ha that is suitable for irrigation which will be developed over the next 2-3 years. The balance of the land is not suitable for irrigation, consisting of rivers and a wet land.

A constant renewal process focuses on selecting the latest and most promising new citrus varieties.

The following volumes of fruit are currently exported from the Farm:

- Soft Citrus 189 500
- Navels 222 500
- Valencia 380 000
- Lemons 365 000

Matroozefontein Farm

Matroozefontein Farm
Region: Western Cape
Nearest Town: Redelinghuys
Area Manager: Simon Baty
Farm Manager: Hein Koegelenberg
Contact: (022) 962 1730

Matroozefontein Farm is located in the heart of the Sandveld near the towns of Piketberg, Redelinghuys and Elands Bay in the Western Cape Province of South Africa.

The farm was purchased by the Unifrutti Group during 2004 with the aim of supplying fruit to the USA and European Markets as well as to extend Unifrutti’s product offering to Table Grapes.

The farm Matroozefontein is made up of 4 portions of land amounting to 2200 ha in size. The cool breeze from the ocean creates the ideal climate for the production of top quality table grapes. There is a total of around 204 planted hectares with roughly 130 ha planted with citrus and 75 ha planted with Table Grapes. Planned development will increase the planted surface to 210 ha by 2018.

There is a great drive to renew the current varieties with the focus on the latest and best available Mandarin, Late Mandarin and Lemons.

Unifrutti is committed to evaluating new cultivars to offer a wider and more up-to-date range of products in order to meet our customers’ needs. We deliver 5 varieties of IFG and 4 SNFL varieties. 2019 will be an exciting season with the first production of new varieties of table grapes namely Jack Salute, Magenta, Allison, Timco and Sweet Sapphire.

Unifrutti Matroozefontein’s goal is to export 500 000 cartons of table grapes within the near future.

The following volumes of fruit are currently exported from the Farm:

Table Grapes
- White Seedless 50 000
- Red Seedless 50 500
- Red Seeded 80 000
- Black Seeded 18 000
- Black Seedless 25 000
- Soft Citrus 59 000
- Navels 58 500
- Valencia 20 000
- Lemons 18 000